Regional museum in Cesky Krumlov


The museum

The permanent museum exposition named „The Historic Presentation of the Cesky Krumlov Region from Prehistory to the End of the 19th century“ shows visitors the rich historic development of the region and the town. The Cesky Krumlov Region was already settled by prehistoric settlements during the Stone Age as evidenced by archaelogical deposits in Dobrkovice near Cesky Krumlov.

The unique intactness of the historic center of Cesky Krumlov is represented in its unique ceramic model.


The historic tradition of the museum originates from many sources, from collections from the former German Municipal Museum in Cesky Krumlov, or things transferred from collection funds from other parts of the region; from the cancelled Šumava Museum in Horní Planá; from the Schwarzenberg collections in the Romanesque Chamber of the Cesky Krumlov castle; from the former Kájov monastery and from the cancelled museum of the Kaplice District in Rožmberk nad Vltavou.

Most collections, however, came into being by the collecting, research and documentation activities of the museum. At present, the Regional Museum in Cesky Krumlov administers 22 000 items of the registered collection fund, which is almost 34 000 collection articles, and moreover 5 000 items in the museum library.

Part of the Regional museum is the Memorial Birth House of Adalbert Stifter in Horní Planá, mapping the life and works of this „poet of Šumava“.

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